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Adult Swim Squidbillies Volume 5 DVD Promo

September 19th, 2012

Director-Nick Ingkatanuwat
Producer-Lear Bunda
Line Producer-Michael Seminer
DP-Jason Maris
AC-Danielle Bernstein
Grip-Mike Stippich, Timmy Smith
Editor-Dave Willis
Shane Smith
Sarah Blackman
Davi Masi
Alyson Mull


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Superjail! Season 2 DVD Promo Spots for Adult Swim

March 9th, 2012

Another spot with Lear Bunda and Nick Ingkatanuwat for Adult Swim – Thanks to all involved!

30 Second cut:

15 Second cut:


Written/Directed by Lear Bunda & Nick Ingkatanuwat

Starring: Mary Kraft and Trey Duke

DP – Jason Maris
AC – Victoria Warren
Audio – Cyrus Shahmir
DMM -Zach White
Gaffer – Ian Cone
Grip- David Matysiak
Costumes/Hair&Makeup- Morgan Lee Kestner
PA’s- Taylor Church, Krista Carothers
Sweeten- Shawn Coleman
Editor- Nick I. & Lear Bunda
Producer- Lear Bunda

Filmed on Location in East Atlanta, GA. 02.14.12

Thank you
Avenue Reality
Phil Cooper & Shane Little
Grant Central Pizza
Everybody’s Pizza

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“Unorthodox” for Atlanta Magazine

March 1st, 2012

I recently did a series of portraits for Atlanta Magazine to accompany their article “Unorthodox” about local religious leaders approaching their faith in unique and, at times, controversial ways.  On my own volition, I decided, along with fellow cameraman Keith Roberts, to film one of the stories three subjects, Pastor Dennis Meridith, during a service at Atlanta’s Tabernacle Baptist Church.  Pastor Dennis, as it turns out, is openly gay – a true anomaly for most Christian denominations and a brave move in the Baptist church.  Click to experience.


I also photographed Pastor 7, a former biker thug converted while in solitary confinement. Now the leader of 7 Bridges To Recovery Church, Pastor 7 runs an outreach program for the homeless, housing many in a building on the premises and taking aid, and the Word, to Atlanta’s underpasses – home to an entire subset of destitute peoples.

Finally, I spent some time and photographed Rev. Barbara Brown Taylor, Professor of  Religion at Piedmont College, Episcopal priest, Christian feminist and celebrated author.  Rev. Taylor made waves when she lost faith – not in religion, but in the business of religion and left her ministry.  This is the subject of her book Leaving Church (HarperSanFrancisco (aka HarperOne), 2006).  She had a great sense of humor, laughed a lot, was very personable and, for one who admits to not liking having her photo taken – did great.

I’d like to give a big shout out to Gretchen Hilmers for the retouching!

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Maris Family Thanksgiving 2011 Time Lapsed @ 24fps

November 29th, 2011

The gathering for a Thanksgiving meal is one of the few times a year that multiple generations of a family will all meet in one place.  To catch up, laugh, drink, and most importantly – eat.  Generally a lot.  This year we headed up to my parents home in Arkansas, as did my brother and his children (though, just like my own, they won’t be ‘children’ for much longer) and ate like kings on a classic Thanksgiving spread.  I’ve been experimenting with time lapse photography as of late and the opportunity was perfect.  So enjoy the entirety of the Maris Family Thanksgiving meal (including desert) in under two minutes!



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Adron: Psychedelic Tropicália Folk Chanteuse Extraordinaire

November 14th, 2011

It’s a mouthful, but I honestly don’t know how else to describe this young lady!  Taking cues from the sun drenched sounds of the Brazilian pop form known as Tropicália, 70′s psychedelic folk and the recent revival of all such sounds (Akron/Family, Juana Molina, Arto Lindsay, Tom Zé, Os Mutantes, Fleet Foxes, Coco Rosie), Adron puts it all into a seamless blender and hits puree.  Her songs float along with strong acoustic melodies and those infectious tropical rhythms that just make you want to do nothing but relax. It’s all in service to a beautiful voice that effortlessly captures the feel of fading sunlight and awakening forests deep in the summer.  Wonderful.  Visit her Facebook HERE.

A few weeks back, Adron and her band came in with a head full of concepts for her new album Organismo‘s imagery and I was happy to help her see it through!  We’ll also be embarking on a music video soon, so look for that!  If you’re in town, come by the record release party this Friday @ Smith’s Olde Bar! Retouched by the velvet hand of Brad Kaye! Click to Experience!



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Robot Chicken Season 5 DVD & Blu Ray Spot… The Director’s Cut

September 27th, 2011

This is the ‘director’s cut’ of the Robot Chicken Season 5 DVD & Blu Ray spot featuring more footage of actor George Erdner selling his intended on the virtues of Robot Chicken.  The official spot, with actual footage from the program, should be airing on Adult Swim soon.  Thanks to director, writer and editor Nick Ingkatanuwat, producer Lear Bunda, our man Keith Roberts, wardrobe and stylist Morgan Lee Kestner and George Erdner; it was a blast, can’t wait for the next one!

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Travis Manion Foundation- 9/11 Heroes Run: Honor the Fallen

August 29th, 2011

Here’s the 30 second edit of the Travis Manion Foundation 9/11 Heroes Run that I shot for JWT.  I am very pleased with the results and with everyone involved.  It was a large undertaking – ten locations with multiple actors to be completed in two days! -  and I couldn’t be happier with how smoothly everything went and how wonderful everyone was to work with; seriously, a great experience!

30 second edit

Agency JWT: Rick Hill – Art Director, Matt Berger – Copywriter, Khia Banks and Brad Steinwede – Agency Producers and Tessa Rogers – Account Exec!

Director,DP and Producer was Jason Maris. Brad Kaye was AC. Keith Roberts was Camera Operator. Morgan Lee Kestner did Styling, Wardrobe and Make Up.

Editing by: Jeff Tober of the Bandito Brothers.

Actors in order of appearance:  Mickie Pollock, Raina Ferguson, V.C. Fuqua, Orlando Vargas, Stephanie Ray, Rosanna Chan.


Extended Edit

Actors in order of appearance:  Mickie Pollock, Raina Ferguson, V.C. Fuqua, Joseph Shepherd, Michael Williams, Owen Jones,  Raymond Hampton, Jarret Davis, Michael Goins, Chris Bain, Grant Foster, Gretchen Ingram, Justin P. Rutland, Brian Keith Smith, Michael Gardner, Stephen Miller, Donald Bertolo, Don Smith, Steve Kish, Eric Henderson, Anthony Rashad, Chris Cannon, Kenneth Martin, Brian Honea, David Auld, Brian Marshall, Orlando Vargas, Stephanie Ray, Rosanna Chan.

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Air Chair video from Lake Powell, UT!

August 1st, 2011

Last month, Brad Kaye and I had the pleasure of spending a few days on Lake Powell in Utah with some of hydrofoiling’s greatest competitors.  It was a great experience and being out of the city and sleeping under the stars and actually being able to see the expanse of space above was something I’ll never forget.  If you haven’t heard of hydrofoiling, here’s the basic concept; it’s a contraption that combines water-skiing, wakeboarding and something unique all to itself – the hydrofoil.  Basically, the rider sits in a seat on a small board (similar to a wakeboard).  Affixed to the underside of the board is a long, thin, piece of stainless steel called a ‘T-bar’, and connected to the bottom of that is a pair of fin-like sheets of aluminum called the ‘foil’ or ‘front blade’.  What happens is, as the the rider is pulled along by a speedboat and rope, not unlike water-skiing / wakeboarding, the board will be raised out of the water – sometimes with only the ‘foil’ skimming across the top!  From here the rider, using their core abdominal strength, can do an assortment of tricks, from simple jumps to horizontal spins and multiple vertical flips.  It’s pretty wild.  In the following video you will see some of the sports finest Air Chair riders in Bryan Schumacher, Tyler Narans , Torey Narans, Ben Ferney, Al Lewin, Landon Hill, Jeff Lowe, Heinrich Hoerth and Adam Dietrich.  Enjoy!

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Hayes Carll – Another Like You video

June 8th, 2011

Here’s the video for rising country star Hayes Carll that I did in conjunction with David Willis (of Adult Swim’s ‘Aqua Team Hunger Force’ infamy). It was a fast and woolly shoot and everyone had a great time. Big thanks go to Brett Gelman (Adult Swim’s Eagleheart, Funny Or Die) and Sarah Blackman, our liberal and conservative, respectively. During the filming we had them verbally fighting at the bar – the insults they were throwing at each other were no holds barred and hilarious. The live segments with Hayes Carll and Ann Hearst were filmed in North Carolina during a soundcheck and the end segment with James Carville and Mary Matalin – who graciously allowed us into their home for the afternoon – was filmed in New Orleans.


It debuted on Don Imus’s show of all places and just got a mention on Rolling  Click to experience.

Oh look, HUFFPO!


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In Depth: 2010 Illy Coffee Web Spot.

April 11th, 2011

Here’s an in depth look the “illy coffee” spot I did with Artistic Image for Coke last summer on the creatives blog Scary Ideas!  Click the image below to visit the article!

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