Maris Family Thanksgiving 2011 Time Lapsed @ 24fps

November 29th, 2011

The gathering for a Thanksgiving meal is one of the few times a year that multiple generations of a family will all meet in one place.  To catch up, laugh, drink, and most importantly – eat.  Generally a lot.  This year we headed up to my parents home in Arkansas, as did my brother and his children (though, just like my own, they won’t be ‘children’ for much longer) and ate like kings on a classic Thanksgiving spread.  I’ve been experimenting with time lapse photography as of late and the opportunity was perfect.  So enjoy the entirety of the Maris Family Thanksgiving meal (including desert) in under two minutes!



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NASCAR / COKE 2011 Assignment

November 15th, 2011

Shake N’ Bake, round two!

Here are eight ridiculous, verging on strange, candid shots of me with some of the NASCAR drivers taken during a recent Coke assignment.  We were capturing the drivers for standees, in store life size cardboard cutouts, using the 60 megapixel Phase One camera. If you could not tell by the images, these guys are very fun, I look forward to working with them again!  Thanks to everyone at Momentum and IMG for a great shoot!  Click To Experience!


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Adron: Psychedelic Tropicália Folk Chanteuse Extraordinaire

November 14th, 2011

It’s a mouthful, but I honestly don’t know how else to describe this young lady!  Taking cues from the sun drenched sounds of the Brazilian pop form known as Tropicália, 70′s psychedelic folk and the recent revival of all such sounds (Akron/Family, Juana Molina, Arto Lindsay, Tom Zé, Os Mutantes, Fleet Foxes, Coco Rosie), Adron puts it all into a seamless blender and hits puree.  Her songs float along with strong acoustic melodies and those infectious tropical rhythms that just make you want to do nothing but relax. It’s all in service to a beautiful voice that effortlessly captures the feel of fading sunlight and awakening forests deep in the summer.  Wonderful.  Visit her Facebook HERE.

A few weeks back, Adron and her band came in with a head full of concepts for her new album Organismo‘s imagery and I was happy to help her see it through!  We’ll also be embarking on a music video soon, so look for that!  If you’re in town, come by the record release party this Friday @ Smith’s Olde Bar! Retouched by the velvet hand of Brad Kaye! Click to Experience!



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Travis Manion Foundation Portraits

November 14th, 2011

Here are some portraits I shot earlier this fall for the Travis Manion Foundation‘s ’9/11 Heroes Run’.  Everyone involved was fantastic and I look forward to working with them again!  I’d like to give a shout out to Matt Berger, Rick Hill, Khia Banks, Tessa Rogers and Brad Steinwede from JWT; thank you so much for the opportunity to do this campaign, not to mention making it so easy!  Photographs retouched by Brad Kaye, Click to experience.


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At Home and the Battle of Healing pt. II

October 17th, 2011

Here is another from the series of images I took for / The Bob Woodruff Foundation; at the Center For The Intrepid / Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas.    Click to experience!

See previous entry HERE.

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At Home and the Battle of Healing

October 7th, 2011

I recently took two trips for / The Bob Woodruff Foundation; one to San Antonio, Texas and another to New York City, New York.  My purpose was to document some of our service members who are now reintegrating their lives stateside. It was an incredible experience to spend time with everyone and maintain such meaningful conversation!  Thanks to everyone, especially those who served and continue to serve. This is this first series consisting of portraits, with more to come soon.  Click to experience!



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At Sea

September 30th, 2011

Here’s a picture from the archive newly retouched.  Click to experience.

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Robot Chicken Season 5 DVD & Blu Ray Spot… The Director’s Cut

September 27th, 2011

This is the ‘director’s cut’ of the Robot Chicken Season 5 DVD & Blu Ray spot featuring more footage of actor George Erdner selling his intended on the virtues of Robot Chicken.  The official spot, with actual footage from the program, should be airing on Adult Swim soon.  Thanks to director, writer and editor Nick Ingkatanuwat, producer Lear Bunda, our man Keith Roberts, wardrobe and stylist Morgan Lee Kestner and George Erdner; it was a blast, can’t wait for the next one!

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THE N.E.C. 2011

September 27th, 2011

The Natural Extension Concept (better known as The N.E.C.) are an Atlanta psychedelic rock band trading in classic song structures and freak-out guitars.  Photos by Jason Maris, retouching by Brad Kaye.  Click to experience.


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Travis Manion Foundation- 9/11 Heroes Run: Honor the Fallen

August 29th, 2011

Here’s the 30 second edit of the Travis Manion Foundation 9/11 Heroes Run that I shot for JWT.  I am very pleased with the results and with everyone involved.  It was a large undertaking – ten locations with multiple actors to be completed in two days! -  and I couldn’t be happier with how smoothly everything went and how wonderful everyone was to work with; seriously, a great experience!

30 second edit

Agency JWT: Rick Hill – Art Director, Matt Berger – Copywriter, Khia Banks and Brad Steinwede – Agency Producers and Tessa Rogers – Account Exec!

Director,DP and Producer was Jason Maris. Brad Kaye was AC. Keith Roberts was Camera Operator. Morgan Lee Kestner did Styling, Wardrobe and Make Up.

Editing by: Jeff Tober of the Bandito Brothers.

Actors in order of appearance:  Mickie Pollock, Raina Ferguson, V.C. Fuqua, Orlando Vargas, Stephanie Ray, Rosanna Chan.


Extended Edit

Actors in order of appearance:  Mickie Pollock, Raina Ferguson, V.C. Fuqua, Joseph Shepherd, Michael Williams, Owen Jones,  Raymond Hampton, Jarret Davis, Michael Goins, Chris Bain, Grant Foster, Gretchen Ingram, Justin P. Rutland, Brian Keith Smith, Michael Gardner, Stephen Miller, Donald Bertolo, Don Smith, Steve Kish, Eric Henderson, Anthony Rashad, Chris Cannon, Kenneth Martin, Brian Honea, David Auld, Brian Marshall, Orlando Vargas, Stephanie Ray, Rosanna Chan.

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