NASCAR / COKE 2011 Assignment

November 15th, 2011

Shake N’ Bake, round two!

Here are eight ridiculous, verging on strange, candid shots of me with some of the NASCAR drivers taken during a recent Coke assignment.  We were capturing the drivers for standees, in store life size cardboard cutouts, using the 60 megapixel Phase One camera. If you could not tell by the images, these guys are very fun, I look forward to working with them again!  Thanks to everyone at Momentum and IMG for a great shoot!  Click To Experience!


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Nascar Driver Portraits For Coca-Cola + Spotted In The Wild!

November 24th, 2010

Here’s a small portion of the results of our recent shoot for Coca-Cola, photographing 13 Nascar drivers for print ads and place of purchase standees (you know, life size cut outs of cultural icons selling things?).  These were shot with a PHASE ONE 60.5 Megapixel Camera Back.

We thought it would be fun if, when you see these standees out in stores (“The Wild”), you took a picture of yourself with them and sent them in to us – once we get a few we’ll post them here and on our Facebook page!

So, if you get a pic of yourself with a standee, send it to tony (at) jasonmaris dot com and we’ll let you know when it will be posted – and thank you!

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